Sayles Ranch Guesthouses

Landmark – The Tree House

The Tree House

IMPORTANT: This is a single room (one of 6) within the Sayles Landmark B&B.

This is a one room solution to your lodging needs, without giving up that nationally acknowledged Terry Browder touch.

Lower price, same quality, and each room is unique.


The Swiss Family Robinson would feel comfortable with the view over the treetops in this room. The treetop feel flows into the room with the grayish green bead board walls and ceiling.

The queen sized bed is nestled close to the window so you can enjoy your tree house view without worrying that a broken bough will bring you tumbling down.

Two leather chairs and a drop-leaf table provide room for working on a laptop or writing correspondence.

You may find yourself, however, sitting at the table gazing at the vintage photos on the wall and wondering what frontier life was like back in 1889 when the Landmark was originally built as a home for Henry Sayles and his family.

One of the benefits of this room is that it is the least expensive at the Landmark, but still includes all of the same amenities like high quality mattress, luxury bath supplies, plush bath towels and ample electrical and USB connections.

Enjoy your high style at an affordable price.

Call (325) 669-6856 or leave a message on our contact form page to check on availability or to book a room.