Sayles Ranch Guesthouses

Sayles Landmark B&B

Abilene’s Finest Bed and Breakfast!

Historic Abilene home of Henry and Hattie Sayles.

Are you looking for an individual room for yourself or one to share with your special someone?

The Sayles Landmark is an upscale B&B that offers single rooms.

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[Not a valid template]Six beautifully designed and remodeled rooms, with their own private facilities and luxurious amenities.

Like the Sayles Ranch Guesthouses, the Sayles Landmark rooms are each decorated in a unique boutique style.

Rooms range from the cozy Tree House whose window view makes you feel as if you are sleeping in a treetop, to the posh Luxe which is furnished with a 14 foot canopied bed.

In all, the Sayles Landmark provides six separate rooms which are each decorated in a “rustic décor meets modern convenience” style.

Each room comes equipped with flat screen TV, mini fridge, high speed wireless internet, and hair dryer, just to mention a few. These elegant rooms start at $195 per night.


The Landmark B&B Common Rooms


Front Parlor

Landmark B&B Front Parlor
Come and sit with us in the front parlor.
As you enter the front door, pass into a 125 year old Queen Anne home that is a piece of Texas history.
Ease down into one of our stylish, comfy chairs and soak in the combination of history and style.
Rest your feet on the cowhide rug or lean back and gaze at the antique chandelier.
Memories of the Old West surround you in this home listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
This home was built in 1889 By Judge Henry Sayles for his wife, Hattie, and their five (eventually ten) children. Imagine the adventurous spirit they must have had to build a fancy home in Abilene only five years after the town was established.
Then relax to realize that you are surrounded by every modern convenience of which they could only have dreamed.
Acclimate yourself to the artistic style of the Landmark as you mingle with your fellow travelers. Welcome to your new home on the prairie.

Gentleman’s Parlor

Landmark B&B Gentleman's Parlor
Mosey to the back of the house and rest a moment in the gentlemen’s parlor.
The front parlor is a formal room for greeting our important guests, but the gentlemen’s parlor is a relaxed place where we visit with our friends.
Sit down on one of the cushy sofas which is watched over by the horse and jockey weather vane.
Soak up the history of the Sayles Landmark where pioneer history meets postmodern décor.
Marvel at the unusual.
Notice the mobile of 18th century jail house keys suspended over the dining table.
Contemplate the back stairway railing made of ancient cemetery fencing.
In the morning, wander in for breakfast. Feast on the gourmet creations of innkeeper and cook, Terry Browder.
Visit with fellow travelers.
Inquire about local things to do and places to eat.
Enjoy your time in Abilene, Texas. And don’t forget to come back and stay with us next time.

The Arbor Terrace

Sayles Landmak Terrace
Stroll into the arbor terrace.
Notice the historic Abilene brick as your shoes click along the walkway.
Feel the cooler temperatures as the roses growing in the pergola overhead shields your head from the sun.
Sit with a friend in the patina covered metal swing.
Converse in the quiet of the arbor’s tranquility.
Inhale the aroma of the antique roses.
Listen carefully and hear the gurgling of the water flowing into the cool, clear pool. Wander over and splash your hands in the refreshing water. Better yet, grab your swimsuit and slip into the water for an invigorating swim.
Study the roses as they climb up the posts throughout the arbor.
Notice the Roman face adorning the terra cotta pot filled with green, leafy succulents.
Gaze at the white wooden gate intertwined with roses among its pickets.
Imagine a bride floating through the gate. She overflows with joy as she marches to her destination: her smiling groom at the altar. Picture their family and friends celebrating with food and drink as they stroll through the garden.
Rouse yourself from dreaming. You’ve just been bewitched by the charm of the arbor terrace.

Sayles Landmark Wedding Seating